AR/PS. Architecture of Arseniusz Romanowicz and Piotr Szymaniak

Publisher: Centrum Architektury
Size: 165×220 mm
Pages: 392
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Language: English
Publication date: 2013
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Arseniusz Romanowicz (1910-2008) and Piotr Szymaniak (1911-1967) designed some of the most striking buildings of modern Warsaw, mainly train stations: Central, Eastern, Ochota, Powiśle, and Stadion. Until recently it was difficult to appreciate the beauty of these buildings, concealed beneath layers of dirt and DIY extensions. Their architects were not good at self-promotion and remained in the shaw for the good part of their lives. ARPS is a tale composed of essays by 8 different authors, as well as interviews, highlighting various aspects of Romanowicz and Szymaniak's careers, spanning from the 1930s to the 1990s. Their legacy is documented on some 200 pictures, including hitherto unpublished material from their private archives.