Black Mirrors

Author: Julien Langendorff
Publisher: Shelter Press
Size: 230 x 165 mm
Pages: 64
Weight: 0.3 kg
Cover: Hard
Publication date: 2012
Edition of: 1000
ISBN: 9782365820011
Availability: 1
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Black Mirrors is the first monography dedicated to Julien Langendorff’s works. His work combines collage, pen and ink drawings and paper cut-outs of 1970’s erotic imagery and often conjures up dark, dream-like visions influenced by gothic and hippie cultures, Black Sabbath, spiritism and diary-art. Langendorff’s work is both minimal and psychedelic with a free, stream of conscious sensibility. Included in the show are three collaborative pieces with artist and band-mate, Jason Glasser. The title of the series ‘Goddess Fuzz Fantasy’ originated from a line of one of Langendorff’s poems. Published in conjunction with his solo show at Agnès B New York, the book includes texts by Agnes B, Sinziana Ravini, Peter Sutherland.