Circle, Triangle, Elephant!

Author: Kenji Oikawa & Mayuko Takeuchi
Publisher: Phaidon
Size: 229 x 166 mm (9 x 6 1/2 in)
Pages: 22
Cover: Board Book
Language: English
Publication date: 2017
ISBN: 9780714874111
Availability: 1
45.00 PLN
A clever and refreshing approach to learning about shapes, with a bit of silliness mixed in This unexpected take on shapes offers a breath of fresh air within this well-established toddler concept genre. With bright block-art visuals and a rhythmic, read-aloud text, this book begins by offering familiar shapes - a triangle, a circle, and a square - and then throws an elephant into the equation: triangle, elephant, circle. Surely an elephant doesn't belong in a book on shapes... or does it? The joy of the unexpected, including guest appearances by boats, lemons, and other random but recognizable silhouettes, in a shape-driven narrative will prompt giggles and squeals, as children build skills of labelling and classifying.