Contemporary Menswear - A Global Guide to Independent Men's Fashion

Author: Steven Vogel, Nicholas Schonberger, Calum Gordon
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Size: 24.00 x 16.50 cm
Pages: 288
Weight: 0.9 kg
Cover: Hard
Language: English
Publication date: 2014
ISBN: 9780500517598
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An essential reference to more than 50 international designers, brands, stores, blogs and websites that have shaped independent men’s fashion over the last decade and will define its trends in the years ahead. Menswear is now a respected, mature and yet highly creative part of the global fashion industry. From classic ‘heritage’ labels such as Albam Clothing through to dynamic, new labels such as Tellason, which set the fashion agenda for crafted, desirable denim or the clean, sartorially elegant lines of Won Hundred, the brands expertly selected and curated for this book represent the very best in a fast-changing international scene, be they the ones that create styles and set trends or those that innately understand how to sell and market menswear effectively. Packed with critical insight and opinion, this book sets out to cut through the PR gloss of so much fashion writing. Each of the brands represented includes a sharp, brief profile of the people behind the brand and its history to date. And to provide even greater depth, the book also features essays on the major trends in the menswear scene and interviews with some of its key, influential figures. Visually rich and encompassing the full range of apparel and accessories, including denim, workwear, outerwear, knitwear, shoes, bags, accessories and more, Contemporary Menswear is a source of inspiration and a must have ‘look book’ for all fashion designers, stylists, writers and students. Steven Vogel is the creative director and partner of Freebird Bureau, a design & communications agency based in Hamburg, Germany, and has worked with global clients such as (capsule), Burton, Edwin Europe, Closed, Garbstore, Levi’s, Sailor Jerry and many more. Additionally, he runs the brand and online magazine Black Lodges. Nicholas Schonberger is a writer, blogger and critic of fashion, culture and music. He lives in New York. Calum Gordon is a Glasgow-based freelance writer and creative consultant who specializes in fashion and culture. He is Editor-in-Chief of The Reference Council, an influential online menswear magazine.