Designing for the Common Good

Publisher: BIS Publisher
Author: Kees Dorst
Pages: 218
Publication date: 2016
Language: English
Size: 18 x 24 cm
Cover: Soft
169.00 PLN
This handbook is for public sector innovators, designers and anybody who is ready to take on the challenge of designing the future of our society. The unique approach that is presented here empowers you to create solutions to problems that are stuck, sticky or have always been considered ‘too hard’. You will see that these problems can be tackled using thoughtful and sophisticated practices that have been developed by expert designers, transforming problems into possibilities, and organisations into networks of committed stakeholders. This is demonstrated in 21 real-life projects that span many sectors of society. The key lessons from these projects are supported by 19 hands-on methods that help you design for the common good.