Fantastic Man #27 (Various covers)

Publication date: S/S 2018
Language: English
Pages: 296
Cover: Soft
ISSN: 1571-8972
Availability: 15
52.90 PLN
The Gentleman's Style Journal The self-proclaimed gentleman’s style journal, Fantastic Man magazine if perfect for the fellow with a little bit of style and class. Written in a delightfully antiquated style reminiscent of Edwardian England – for example every Fantastic Man is referred to as Mr.) – this magazine really brings the best in men’s style and fashion. Every high-quality page just oozes class, and the topics covered in the sparse but well written include interviews with important gentlemen from all walks of life as well as insight into the life of a modern day gent. An excellent lifestyle magazine with an odd but refreshing twist. A very high quality magazine, this one.