Freunde von Freunden - Berlin

Publisher: Distanz
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Cover: Hard
Language: English/German
Publication date: 2013
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An online interview magazine is coming out in print. The book presents twenty-five Berlin creatives in their workspaces and homes. The pictures focus on human beings in private settings. Nothing seems staged; the photographs emphasize the authentic qualities and idiosyncrasies of the sitters, including many trendsetters such as gallerists, collectors, artists, photographers, illustrators, architects, shopkeepers, and entrepreneurs. Professional photography and a loving eye for detail unite to offer a unique and exclusive glimpse into the storied lives of Berlin’s creatives. With background information and insiders’ tips. With a foreword by Adriano Sack The design studio NoMoreSleep, working with a team of photographers, editors, graphic designers, and networkers, launched Freunde von Freunden (Friends of Friends) as an online portal in 2009; the site now has a monthly readership of more than 150,000, providing a forum to the culture and creative scenes in Berlin and beyond.