Garagisme #5

Publication date: 2018
Language: English
Pages: 128
Cover: Soft
Size: 24 x 32 cm
Availability: 1
89.00 PLN
E30 Special issue GARAGISME reflects a new and unique outlook on the present, past and future of Car culture. Unseen within its genre, GARAGISME observes, dissects and analyses the Car by going beyond its industrial form and technical performance. It understands that the Car is more than just a simple object of consumption but instead a social phenomenon. Contributors: Omar Almufti, François Bellabas, Alex Bennett, Scottie Cameron, Bill Caswell, Aleksi Cavaillez, Nicolas Giraud, Gourau & Phong, Haw-lin Services, Brenten Kelly, Courtney Nichols, Antje Peters, Tom de Peyret, Thomas Pregiato, Brian Okarski, Hassan Rahim, Ariel Roman, Benjamin Roulet, Paul Rousteau, Hendrik Schneider, Adrien Toubiana, Cédric Viollet.