Glamcult #127

Publication date: Summer 2018
Language: English
Pages: 194
Cover: Soft
ISSN: 9771874193006.25
Availability: 2
86.90 PLN
Glamcult’s Modern Family issue focuses on all forms of relationships that stand outside of restricted and boxed ideas on what constitutes a “family”. Transcending the traditional, nuclear family, Glamcult explores bonds, ties, members and communities that share a similar passion, vision, mission or state of mind, uniting them in a single, shared, larger cause. This new Glamcult has been radically reshaped, exchanging its familiar newspaper format for something entirely new. We dive and dig deeper than ever, resulting in a 196-page keepsake on premium paper that’s worth the quarterly purchase. Much like its defining content, Glamcult’s new visual identity is raw but luxurious and in tune with the creative provocateurs it features.