Hot and Cool #11

Publication date: 2017
Language: English
Pages: 120
Cover: Soft
Size: 230 x 300 mm
Availability: 2
49.00 PLN
Hot and Cool #11 includes work by some of the most inspired creators, both emerging and established – from photographer Colin Dodgson to stylist Joe McKenna, curator Ariella Wolens and artist Mark Kostabi, along with Julia Wachtel, Evan McGraw, Talia Chetrit and Max Pearmain. Goddard’s highlight from the issue? “Ariella Wolens’ top ten Mark Kostabi-isms,” she tells us, which are listed below. “It goes God, Jesus, Picasso, then Andy Warhol, then Mark Kostabi” “This is an idea that I paid for. Most artists steal their ideas, I pay for mine.” “What’s behind me is publicity” “Modern art is a con, and I’m a con artist” “Hype is a fictitious validation of a half-assed work” “My middle name is ‘et’, as in, ‘Market Kostabi’” “As long as people are talking about you that’s good. Even if they say good things” “Controversy is a commodity. Branding will keep you standing. Get press not stress” “I’m not an artist. Actually I’m a game show host” “I am bought therefore I am”