Let's Garden - A Step by Step Introduction

Author: Clara Lidström, Annakarin Nyberg
Publisher: Little Gestalten
Size: 19 × 24 cm
Pages: 48
Cover: Hard
Language: English
Publication date: 2015
ISBN: 978-3-89955-747-3
Availability: 1
65.00 PLN
A fun do-it-yourself book that inspires children to be confident and creative while they help plants grow. Do you know how easy it is to plant seeds and how cool it is to see what grows from them? In Let’s Garden kids will find great ideas for creating their own green projects, whether in a backyard or on a city windowsill. They will learn, for example, that beans like to grow on cotton and that bird food is very simple to make. They will even learn how to grow potatoes in a bucket. Let’s Garden encourages children to be confident and do things themselves. Playfully illustrated and carefully explained, it contains a wealth of growing fun that requires little parental help.