Living in Wood - Architecture & Interior Design

Author: Chris Van Uffelen
Publication date: 2017
Language: English
Pages: 272
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Cover: Hardcover
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ISSN: 9783037682180
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An important material for many centuries and used in countless diverse ways before being almost despised for a long time in the modern era, wood has now become a source of fascination and inspiration in contemporary architecture. The sustainable and locally available building material is easy to process, structurally very powerful and extremely simple to combine with other materials. It insulates against heat as well as cold, but is also breathable – excellent qualities for a pleasant and healthy interior climate.Along with these practical considerations, it is the unlimited abundance of creative possibilities that accounts for the ever-growing popularity of residential dwellings made of wood. From one-story bungalows to multi-story dwellings, timber houses are at the forefront of the development of contemporary architecture and design.