Novembre #12

Publication date: Fall/Winter 2017-18
Language: English / French
Cover: Soft
ISSN: 1664-0454
Availability: 6
89.90 PLN
Issue 11 drops a roster of exceptional practitioners, featuring the most innovative and original talent in the disciplines of art, fashion, poetry and photography such as: Isa Genkzen, Thomas Hauser, Dan Hoy, Ib Kamara Robert Kulisek, Corey Olsen, Olympia Scarry, Ada Sokol, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Danielle van Camp and many more. Reinforcing Novembre as a collectible object, issue 11 presents outstanding visuals, exclusive poetry, typographic collaborations, and the leading fashion collections. Issue 11 establishes Novembre’s new strategy: the print issue comprised entirely of imagery, with exclusive text published online. With the new issue, both outlets prove Novembre to be the trailblazing platform for critical creative practices.