One Minute

Author: Isabel Markus
Publisher: Loose Joints
Size: A5
Pages: 24
Cover: document wallet
Language: english
Publication date: 2012
Edition of: 100
Availability: 4
49.00 PLN
5. A small group of ambivalent actors move about the stage, shuffling back and forth, shifting out of one frame and into another. 4. elevated and omnipotent, godlike. 3. These monitor banks, often at passenger level, present a curious form of observation - the chance to witness an event that you are within occuring from an impossible, disembodied number of surveillance perspectives; 2. Consisting of three seperate publications, One Minute mimicks the screen grids found on train station platforms throughout London. 1. One Minute is the first publication by Loose Joints. It describes a train entering a station. 6. An out of body experience.