Palette 02 - Multicolour

Publisher: Viction:ary
Size: 185 x 250 mm
Pages: 256
Weight: 0.8 kg
Cover: Soft
Language: English
Publication date: 2012
ISBN: 9789881943903
Availability: 1
169.00 PLN
A fitting companion to Viction:Ary’s first Palette book, Black & White, Palette No. 2: Multicolor looks at the most engaging use of color in print design, packaging, installations, fashion, and architecture. While other color books have focused on the use of a single color in a design, Palette No. 2: Multicolour concerns itself with the harmonious or discordant — but always stunning — interplay of multiple colors in a design. The sheer resourcefulness of the featured designers is evident in this collection of cleverly manipulated graphic elements and forms. Palette No. 2 – Multicolour features spectacular color applications for stationery, advertising, promotion material, book design, restaurant interiors, re-imagined color wheels, delicate yarn installations, tea canisters in every Pantone shade, architecture exteriors — even an entire neighborhood of multi-story buildings in Brazil — and much more.