Soffa #23

Cover: Soft
Language: English
Publication date: Fall 2017
ISBN: 9772336594003
Availability: 1
85.90 PLN
European Bimonthly Slow Living Magazine: Design, food, people, travel, life | #23 dedicated to Beauty. Since everyone perceives beauty differently, we have blended a colourful cocktail of stories with something for everyone. Whether you believe that beauty lies in simplicity, or that it equals pain, we think you will find something in this issue that rings true to you. We begin with the history of the beauty ideal, accompanied by Barbora Idesová’s original illustrations, and follow with a spectacular interplay between photography and painting in an essay by the photographer Alžběta Jungrová, the painter Martin Krajc and the make-up artist Margita Skřenková. We also show that beauty ‘blemishes’ have their analogies in nature, where they are seen as anything but imperfect. When thinking about a city with incredible architecture and an unsurpassed atmosphere Vienna tops our charts, and we are confident that our travel story will help you fall in love with the beautiful city. Our modern fashion story by Michaela Karásek Čejková is inspired by the old Greek myth of the beautiful Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection. And to prove that beauty often hides in the unexpected, look to our stunning macro images of glass shards. The issue also touches on deeper themes of beauty and society’s perceptions of trans and genderqueer persons. Lastly, we introduce Olga Stráníková and her tender photographs. While perusing this issue we are sure you will exclaim at least a few times: ‘Now that is beautiful!’