Tim Walker - Story Teller

Author: Tim Walker
Publisher: Thames&Hudson
Size: 34.50 x 27.50 cm
Pages: 256
Cover: PLC (with jacket)
Language: English
Publication date: First published 2012
ISBN: 9780500544204
Availability: 1
239.00 PLN
Tim Walker is one of fashion photography’s most original eyes This exceptional and beautifully designed overview of a career caught in mid-flow reveals just how much one man’s singular vision has influenced contemporary tastes in fashion, beauty, glamour and portraiture. When Walker turns fashion stories into fairy tales, the results are unmistakable and inimitable. Though they may soar in scale and ambition, they are painstakingly realized – and with no concession to artificial enhancement. In this new collection everything you see was specially constructed; the make-believe really happened. In Walker’s pursuit of the perfect picture no demand appears too unreasonable, no scenario too outlandish, no objective unattainable. So, if ever you have yearned to crashland a Spitfire in your drawing room, to paint a village yellow, to cut a car in two, to meet a real witch, to swing from several chandeliers, to ride with a pack of foxhounds led by a flying saucer, to pilot a biplane made of French loaves, Tim Walker shows you it is entirely possible. You just have to believe. Some of the biggest names in fashion and contemporary culture are here: Alber Elbaz sporting a pair of rabbit ears; Agyness Deyn in the sand dunes of Namibia; Alexander McQueen and a memento mori of skull and cigarettes; Helena Bonham Carter poised with Ray-Bans and a Diet Coke; Stella Tennant in a pink cloud among the rhododendrons of an English country garden… Singer and musician Kate Bush contributes a foreword and Walker himself an afterword, as well as illuminating his pictures throughout with personal observations. Tim Walker is a world-renowned photographer, whose highly recognizable fashion stories appear regularly in the world’s best fashion magazines, including Vanity Fair, W and the British, Italian and American editions of Vogue. His previous publications include Pictures and The Lost Explorer. Robin Muir is a photographic historian and writer. He was formerly picture editor of British Vogue and The Sunday Telegraph Magazine. His many publications include monographs on the photographers John Deakin, Norman Parkinson and Lord Snowdon, as well as several compilations drawn from Vogue’s archives. Ruth Ansel is an internationally acclaimed art director, who has worked for, among others, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times Magazine, House & Garden, Vanity Fair and American Vogue. Her collaborators have included Richard Avedon, Bruce Weber, Peter Beard and Annie Leibovitz.