Author: Rene Wawrzkiewicz
Publisher: Bęc Zmiana
Size: 130×240
Pages: 460
Cover: Hard
Publication date: 2012
ISBN: 978-83-62376-14-8
Availability: 1
44.00 PLN
TypoPolo is the customary term used to describe the amateur typography created in the 1990s for the commercial and artistic purposes. Unsophisticated signboards and simple advertisements became a visual reflection of the economic and political changes in Poland, a symbol of the Romantic breakthrough, when ‘everybody could be what they wanted and everything was possible’. But even though the ‘professional’ Helveticatypeface now dominates signboards and lettering in Polish towns, TypoPolo refuses to die out. It will always be an embarrassing part of Polish visual identity. Typography is always a reflection of the times which we live in and in this sense, TypoPolo is a natural and positive phenomenon. You can’t escape from the broader context of design, such as the period, politics, economics or human relations. Nikodem Pręgowski