Workwear #10

Publisher: World Photo Press
Size: 21 x 29 cm
Pages: 232
Weight: 0.7 kg
Cover: Paperback
Language: Japanese
ISBN: 9784846530402
Availability: 1
49.00 PLN 119.00 PLN
Central to the modern history of heavy-duty clothing for hard work is denim. This instalment sets off through an extensive guided history of denim, from the cotton and indigo plantations of yesteryear, to the turn-of-the-century textile factory girls who transformed raw materials into overalls, jeans and all manner of durable garments. Also in this edition, the warm flannel of hunting gear, boots to last a lifetime, hi-tech textiles revolutionise sportswear, military-grade fabrics of the 20th century, and a special hand-drawn section on the spectrum of women’s working uniforms.